Natural Cork Coatings For a Greener Future

Green World Eco Friendly Cork Spray

Cork is a natural and eco-friendly resource that fully interprets modern green building.

It is highly elastic and has excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties:

  • it is waterproof, given its compact structure,
  • it has an excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties,
  • it is resistant to severe weather conditions, fire, insects, and rodents.

Cork is extracted from cork-oak trees (Quercus Suber), removing the bark from the trunk and larger branches without damaging the plant, with extraction cycles of approximately 9-12 years. This way, the plant is able to grow new bark, making cork a completely renewable resource.


Helping Australians with solutions that combines cutting edge technology with respect for nature. Guaranteeing a safe environment for future generations to come.



The Environment is life and home to all. It is also the source of all our materials. 

Water, Earth, Wind and Fire, the four natural elements are at the base of the production process, in fact from Nature we source all the raw materials for our products, and during the manufacturing processes, we aim to maintain and highlight their characteristics.

Our products are designed to improve the conditions of life while bringing forth and maintaining a connection to the surrounding environment in people’s homes and businesses. 

The aim is to protect buildings from high levels of humidity and thermal losses, using the same methods adopted in Nature.

We have gathered corkclay and diatomaceous earth for their thermal and acoustic insulation properties, along with their hygroscopic characteristics. We have added natural hydraulic lime, in order to offer a guarantee of efficiency, health and long lasting product durability.

Thanks to this, Cork Spray Australia can supply the construction industry across the nation for public buildings, the infrastructure sector as well as residential homes. 

Respect for the environment is our duty, and this is reflected in the standards that we follow to improve our processes, products and relationships with our customers and approved Corkspray installers

Thanks to the innovated products and the environment being the inspiration, our products have gained the ISO 14001 certification.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Acoustic/Sound Proofing
  • Waterproof
  • Insulating From The Elements
  • Sustainable
  • Energy Saving
  • Innovative & Unique Product
  • Highest EU Fire Rating – Level 1

Our Product Range

Heat Reflective

Reduce the surface temperature of your roof and the underlying areas, and improve thermal comfort and energy saving.

Insulating & Acoustic

Our plasters are a single solution with the benefits of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and dehumidifying capacity.

Cork Spray Renders

Lime Based Renders

Our smoothers are designed to restore, level, align, and prepare any surface for a smoother, lightened finish.

Water Proofing

Our waterproofing solution for roofs can reflect heat, is resistant to stagnant water and is flexible at low temperatures.

Lightweight Acoustic Screed

The comfort of sound insulation, our low thickness ecological thermal screed insulates from cold and heat.


Our decorative and ecological products will leave your buildings with breathtaking finishes and unique designs.

Contact us about our eco-friendly products and cork spray training program.
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