Manly Apartment Building

Cork Spray Australia - Manly Apartment Building Project

Manly Apartment Building

The exterior brickwork on this apartment building in Manly NSW was suffering from the attack of the weather. Over the years this coastal building had been beaten by high winds, driving rain and sea salt.

As a result, the mortar between the bricks had been eaten away and the face of the bricks had perished.

The recommendation by an engineering company was to repoint the brickwork and apply two coats of Decork. This would prevent any further deterioration of the brickwork as the cork coating is waterproof, flexible and will not allow the ingress of sea salt being swept up in the wind.

The 207 metres of the external wall had two Cork coatings sprayed over two days. The residents are very happy with the final result and the look of the building, a great outcome financially and securing the longevity of their assets.

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