Diathonite Thermostep.047

Diathonite Thermostep.047

Fibre-reinforced bio-mortar with cork (grain size 0-3 mm), clay, diatomaceous earth powder and hydraulic binder. Natural product studied for the realisation of ready lightened thermal screeds, ideal for the insulation of floors, ceilings and ventilated roofs. 

Diathonite Thermostep.047 can be used indoor and outdoor, for renovations or new buildings, and it allows to thermally insulate floors and existing structures without weighing down the structure.

Cork Spray Diathonite thermostep

Diathonite Thermostep.047 ensures excellent performance compared to a traditional screed:

  • 4 times lighter;
  • 5 times more insulating;
  • 6 times more resistant with a minimum thickness of 3 cm;
  • can be directly coated with flooring.

Diathonite Thermostep.047 puts the talent of nature and the extraordinary properties of cork to good use, a Mediterranean miracle that is the beating heart of our solutions.


  • Aspect: Powder
  • Soundproofing: 22dB
  • Density: 380 kg/m³
  • Compressive strength: 5 N/mm²
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.047 W/mK;
  • Specific heat capacity (c): 1000 J/kgK = 0.239 kcal/kg°C;
  • Vapour permeability Coefficient: µ=4;
  • Fire reaction: Class A1


  • Lightweight product designed for application on new buildings or for renovation of floors, ceilings and roofs.
  • Highly breathable, insulates against cold and heat.
  • Euroclass A1 fire reaction.
  • Fibre-reinforced. Extremely resistant.
  • Ready to use.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Suitable for drowning installations.
  • Product complies with CE marking (EN 13813).
  • Diathonite Thermostep.047 can be directly tiled, after waterproofing with a suitable waterproofing agent (products CE marked EN 14891).
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