Insulating & Acoustic Coatings

Insulating & Acoustic Coatings

The plasters of the Diathonite range can be used for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, dehumidification and restoration of vertical walls, both indoors and outdoors.

Diathonite is the only real cork-based insulation plaster. This product is characterised by  thermal, acoustic and dehumidification properties. Moreover, it is able to answer to the current international regulations for the energy efficiency, housing comfort, building noise reduction, refurbishment and green building.

Diathonite Thermactive.037

A cork-based plaster for internal and external use, suitable for thermal insulation and dehumidification. 


A eco-friendly premixed plaster, cement-free & made with natural hydraulic lime, cork, clay, diatomaceous earth and reinforcing fibres. 

Diathonite Acoustix

A premixed plaster to be used for the construction of sound-absorbing coatings, acoustic insulation of façades and walls.

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