Lime Based Renders

Lime Based Renders

Products to restore, level, align and prepare any type of surface. Finishing smoother, and lightened with the finest mineral expanded fillers that result in extraordinary thermal insulation for any project.

In addition, our smoothers are composed of air binders, pure limestone powder (grain size 0-0.6 mm) and natural microfibres (200 µm), which are harmless for the environment and for human health.

The right grain size selection, the micro fibre reinforced matrix and the use of specific additives guarantee a high workability during the application and an excellent adhesion on supports.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, it guarantees an excellent covering level of the substrate and a super ‘civil’ finish with the use of a sponge trowel or a smoother finish with a plastic trowel.


Argatherm is a product to restore, level, align, and prepare any type of surface. Creating a smoother finishing surface, lightened with mineral thermal fillers and natural micro-fibres. 

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